Sandy Fender,
home: 66 812779847

Mailing Address

Box 49,
Amphur Muang
Chachoengsao, 24000

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Sandra is serving at the Bethel Church in Chachoengsao. She is involved in home cell groups, hosting and transporting many people, leading a kid's ministry, and visiting people in their homes. Sandra's ministry also includes serving at the Hope Center, where English classes, youth group meetings, music lessons, and dancing classes are used to bring God's light and truth into the community!
    * Projects
          o C0028 Khmu Church Planting
          o C0342 The Life Center (TLC)
          o C0438 Abundant Life Orphanage
          o C0509 Bet L Church Plant
          o C0545 Angsila Fishing Village Church Plant
          o C0566 Thailand Conference
          o C0525 Changed Life Centre
          o C0495 Phuket Church Plant
          o C0625 House of Hope