Adult Classes

The Journey
Anyone with young children in the home or who is recently married is invited to attend the Young Married Couples Sunday School class. We would welcome the opportunity of having you as our guest in the Young Married Couples Class. There are fellowship opp... [more]

Meets in classroom B301 Current study: The Hurried Family Teacher: Curtis Morgan RightNow Media Login required to watch the video links. SESSIONS FEATURING 1. In Search of Peace and Quiet Tim Kimmel 17 MINS ... [more]

Heirs of Grace
Come be a part of our community, while growing stronger in your journey of faith. Just come and check us out! Bring someone along, or come alone and meet some new friends! We would love to get to know you! Meets in classroom B303 Current... [more]

Meet in classroom B305 Current study: Gospel Revolution Teacher: B.J. Heizelman SESSIONS FEATURING TIME 1. Gospel Change J. D. Greear 29 MINS 2. Gospel Discovery J. D. Greear 23 MINS 3. Gospel Acc... [more]

Cross Generational
Current study: Behold Your God Teacher: [more]

Meet in classroom A309 Current study: Behold Your God Teacher: [more]

Meet in classroom B101 [more]