Transforming Our Church Through Prayer

Transforming Our Church Through Prayer

A.T. Pierson once said, "There has never been a spiritual awakening in any country or locality that did not begin in united prayer." At Buhler MB Church, we are going through a season of transition leading to transformation in which we seek ministry evaluation and renewal leading to the calling of a new Lead Pastor.  

Perhaps we need some needed reorganization and new church health and vitality. We will need a new Lead Pastor who will “fit” our church and community well. Most of all, we need a spiritual awakening sent from God. All this plus all our other regular church needs will only happen if we are united in fervent prayer. To find out more about praying through our transition, study the prayers of the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 1:15-23 and in Chapter 3:14-21.  

But study will not be enough. All of us who call Buhler MB Church our home church need to pray specifically for our transition needs that will lead to personal, church and community transformation.

Every one of our church small groups needs to make prayer for the transition a priority for every meeting. Spend time in conversational prayer that reflects the pray requests found in the book of Ephesians and in our 40 Days of Prayer initiatives.

Every worship service and church meeting needs to also make prayer for church transition part of the order of worship or a top agenda item.

Every church leader, whether an Council member, Deacon, Trustee, small group leader, teacher, pastor or any other leader of any church ministry, needs to pray daily for help and wisdom in making necessary transitions.

The soon to be formed Transitional Team and after that the Pastor Search Team need to make prayer for the transition and transformation needs of the church their top ministry priority.

To help continue the building of this church-wide prayer journey, I would suggest the following specific requests for intercession.

Read Luke 10:2 and ask God to answer this prayer for BMBC, specifically for a new Lead Pastor for our church.

Use the 40 Days of Prayer guides for your daily prayers. We are currently on the 40 Days of Prayer for Unity.

Ask the Lord for wisdom, integrity, transparency and unity for your pastors and church leaders during this transitional season.

Pray for our church leaders to have a sense of God’s priorities for BMBC.

Pray for church unity as we experience some needed changes to help make BMBC become healthier and ready for new leadership. Ask God to also help our church leaders to be good communicators.

And, pray for your Intentional Interim Pastor, that he will remain fervent in prayer and the study of God’s Word. Also pray that he will have the wisdom of Solomon for the church and the individuals, board, committees and teams that he will help shepherd.

Let’s continue our season of church transition and, Lord willing, transformation through united prayer.

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Why Meet?

Why Meet?
Why meet? That’s a good question for me to answer and you to know.
One of the priorities of the first couple of months of an Intentional Interim Pastor’s ministry is to have some important meetings.
In order to get to know how the church works and how it is governed and led, your Interim Pastor goes to Council meetings since the Church Council is the main leadership body for BMBC. These meetings also provide hints as to the health and effectiveness of the church. I am also interested in how the current form of the Church Council help meet the needs of the Deacon and Elder roles for the church. That does not appear to be clear at this time, but help is here.
Other meetings to go to and observe are staff meetings every Tuesday morning. I go to see how the paid staff of the church work as a team and communicate. What do they do and how can the Pastoral Staff help them do their ministry. Deacons meetings and Trustee meetings are also important. I also will meet with Worship Team leaders to hear from those on the Sunday morning platform and listen carefully to hear what and how the order of worship and songs are selected. Of special interest is how can I help the Worship Team develop and be guided by a theology and philosophy of worship ministry for BMBC.
Other meetings are also needed including those with our small group leaders and Sunday School teachers and leaders. This is done to determine training needs, what is working and what is needed and how to improve communication and build up the church on the foundation of our mission for Christ and the gospel message.
A high priority for your Interim Pastor these first months of transition is the “get to know you and the church” meetings with individual couples or singles. These informal meetings are designed to develop good relationships between pastor and people. They are also a time to answer the following questions:
What makes this church unique or special among the churches in this area?
Give me a brief description of the state of the church as you see it?
What are the church’s strengths (Do well)?  If I lived in the community, why should I
   come to this church?
What are the church’s weaknesses?
What opportunities are before us?
What are the problems in this church?  What caused them?
Who are the people that have the greatest influence in the church?
What can we do in the church to increase good communication and build unity and 
   trust between the congregation and your church leaders?
These questions will be asked of all who want to participate. Please feel free to call the church Office to schedule an appointment with Pastor Charlie.
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“Your Pastor’s Heartbeat”

“Your Pastor’s Heartbeat”

This is the first of a weekly “blog” (web log) that I will be putting into your hands to communicate and keep you informed of what’s happening at BMBC during the transition between pastors. This source of church information for you will be available on the church web site, the church Facebook page and in paper copy depending on your personal preferences.

First, let me say that Marty and I really appreciate the hospitality of the church family and your vision to call a trained Interim Pastor to help the church through a difficult time. We are confident in God’s leading in bringing us together and are grateful for answered prayer. We also believe that God wants to give to BMBC a new hope and dream for the future that will result in the transformation of individual lives, families, church and community by the power of the gospel of Christ.

As a church family, we are moving forward together on a spiritual journey. So, let me share briefly how our journey is beginning. I pray this will encourage you and build up the church.

We are starting our interim journey by focusing on laying a new foundation of prayer for the entire church. Our first “season” of prayer will begin with 40 days of prayer for unity. Every week you will be given a daily prayer guide for the week containing short but focused prayers for unity as brothers and sisters in Christ and in ministry together as a church. I am calling everyone attending the church and every ministry in the church to prayer. May prayer become our primary ministry as we come to the wonderful Throne of Grace where our prayers for the church and by the church will be answered according to God’s will.

On January 13th, I will begin a sermon series that will have us walking through the New Testament book of Ephesians. You can prepare for this by reading through the Ephesians at least once each week. For most people this will only take 25-30 minutes and you will be blessed as you.

On January 3rd, I met for the first time with the Church Council. I am excited to meet with these godly men at least every other week to help lead the church and build up the body of Christ. It was agreed that one of the priorities of the church is to improve communication, especially from the church leadership to the church family. This blog is one way to do that. The Council also agreed to reinstate the publishing of Council minutes so that church members can know what the Council is doing.

Another way we will improve church communication is through Town Hall meetings. The Council agreed that the first Church Town Hall meeting following the worship service and a lunch will be held in March. It will be a great opportunity to hear good news from church leadership and ask questions.

As your Interim Pastor, I will be visiting with many from the congregation during January and February in order to get to know you and also begin the process of assessing the state of the church and determine needs and priorities for ministry. If you and your spouse if you are married would like me and Marty to visit you and hear from you about your church, please contact the church office.

There are five intentional stages in the interim process and the first one is about making connections with one another. The Church Council and I are excited to report that most of the goals for stage one have already been completed.

Thank you for praying for Marty and me. May our ministry with you be one of encouragement as we help to strengthen the church and prepare BMBC for your next Pastor.