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I’m Proud of You!

To all the people who make up the Buhler MB church family, I am proud of you! Maybe I should say, “I boast in the Lord about you,” but the idea is the same. Here’s why.
Since you made the courageous decision to call an interim pastor from the outside, many changes have been happening at the church. During these changes, you have been patient with me and with your church leaders. Not many churches can do what you have been doing. Change is hard and at times may even be painful, but you are going through changes in a positive God-honoring way with a growing hope for the future.
For example, you had the courage to call a young man, Michael Beye, to help lead the church in worship. That takes courage and your dreams about the future for the church. The call to hire him was unanimous. You are together in giving him a chance to design and lead blended worship services that most people will like because they will help most everyone to worship.
I’m proud of you for working at positive change. And, positive change is showing up when we gather for worship, small group meetings, Sunday School classes and fellowship over coffee. Most of all, this positive change in the whole church can be seen in the way we have Council, board, committee and team meetings. I saw this again just last week when our new Renewal Team worked as a team, energized by the Holy Spirit, to labor in unity and love for our church and its future. This is happening church-wide.
I’m also proud of you for beginning to laugh together instead of being anxious about what might happen next or looking for the negative rather than watching for God to show up in and through us. When you are joyful, your pastors are joyful.
And, I’m proud of you for once again giving our Buhler community a positive image about us. I’m beginning to hear of people who don’t attend our church who are noticing a people who are cheerful about their church family and ministries. Have you noticed that we even have two new families who have recently started coming to our church.
Let me also mention that we have also seen a Mother’s Day full of encouraging ministry including child dedications, testimonies about God’s saving work, a believers’ baptism, new members joining our church and joyful worship. And, last Sunday we had a special visit from our new biker friends, many of whom made very positive comments about being with us and seeing what the Lord is doing in and through us. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
I’m one proud pastor because of you and God’s work in and through you. Keep it up, church!
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Back to Greet Your Neighbor

At our last Town Hall meeting on April 29th, we heard feedback on the desire for returning to a Sunday morning “Greet Your Neighbor” time. This is the opportunity to stand, walk around the pews and say hello to a few people in the worship service. We listened and decided to reinstall this time. But, some changes are evident.
Some people see this time of greeting others in the auditorium on Sunday morning as a valuable opportunity to meet new people and build relationships. Some members even say that this time brought them back the next Sunday to our church. These are valid reasons for continuing this tradition.
But to keep the emphasis on worship, the Greet Your Neighbor time has been shortened and is now positioned after a call to worship song and before we have the first song set in the order of worship. The call to worship song is designed to help get everyone into the auditorium. We also want to encourage people to make a priority of greeting people who are new, at least to you. And, we want everyone to take the same opportunity to meet and greet after the worship service is over.
Here are some suggestions for making this time even more effective in greeting and welcoming people to our worship as well as building relationships.
Seek to say hello and welcome new people each week. These can be families and individuals who are either new to our church or are new to you. Don’t expect that everyone knows everyone else in a church of our size. Leave your personal comfort zone for a couple of minutes and encourage someone who might need it.
Take the opportunity before 10:15 am and after the worship service to do the same. The more contacts that people experience with friendly people on a Sunday morning, the more likely they will return the following Sunday and get involved in the life of our church.
If you don’t know someone, make sure you first introduce yourself by name and also use their name if they offer it.
Try sitting is different places each Sunday so you will not find yourself always sitting around the same people each week.
If you are not feeling well or are not up to trying to greet people, just stay seated and explain you are not feeling well and shouldn’t shake hands with anyone. Others will understand.
When you greet someone new, write down his or her name in your bulletin and then try to remember it for the next time you see the new person you greeted.
And, wear your name tag. It sure makes a personal contact a lot easier, even if someone else is not wearing one.
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Making Sense Out of Words

During the time between pastors at our church, you will hear certain important words used by your pastors and leaders. These words represent important concepts or ideas that, when understood and developed for our church, breathe organizational life and health into Buhler MB Church. They help make sense of what the Holy Spirit is doing to bring us renewal. So, what are these words?
The first word is MISSION. The best way to understand “Mission” is to answer the question, “What are we doing?” or, “What is God calling us to do as a church?” It is different from our use of the term “missions.” Mission is our purpose or reason for existing as a church. Mission answers the WHAT of our church.
The second word is VALUES. This is understood when we answer the question, “Why are we doing what we do?” Our mission guides us, but our values direct us. Our shared core values make us unique as a church in much the same way as our identity as a Mennonite Brethren Church shape our local church and denominational culture, beliefs and heritage. Values answers the WHY of our church.
The third word is VISION. Vision is understood when we answer the question, “Where are we going?” or “What is God’s preferred future for us as a church?” Churches can develop a shared vision that is both short-term and long-term. In this interim season in-between Lead Pastors, we need to work on short-term vision meaning what will our church look like and act like one to two years down the road? God may use our new Pastor to help lead us to a more long-term vision so that’s why we work on a short-term vision now. Vision answers the WHERE of our church.
The fourth word is STRATEGY. This term is best understood by answering the question, “How are we doing it?” When we develop a strategy, we prayerfully set goals and action steps to achieve those goals with God’s help and lots of teamwork from brothers and sisters in Christ. Plans are made and achieved by taking steps of faith. Strategy answers the HOW of ministry in the church.
The fifth word is MEASURES. This word is important because it answers the question, “When are we successful?” For example, if our mission states that God wants our church to make disciples, we need to determine what a disciple who follows Jesus in obedience look like, or what does a mature disciple maker do and what training and equipping does she or he need to be successful. Measures or metrics answer the WHEN of church ministry.
During our season of transition as a church, the Renewal Team is working with the Church Council and the major ministry leaders of our church to answer these questions. Pray for our church as we seek to follow Jesus and reach others for Jesus.
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Initial Worship Vision Statement For Buhler MB

Michael Beye
Buhler MB
Initial Worship Vision Statement For Buhler MB
First and foremost, hello! I am Michael Beye, and I am the Worship Ministries Leader at Buhler MB Church. The purpose for this post is to help introduce a little about myself and a little about my initial vision for the worship ministries here at Buhler MB Church. Being part-time staff here means that I won’t have a lot of office time, and I’ll only have the chance to be at the church building two times a week (for now). My office day is on Wednesday, but I’ll also be doing some work from home.

I’m excited to get started here, and I’m excited to get to know and understand the needs of the community in regards to worship. I am coming into this position very open-minded and ready to learn all that I can. So if there is anything that you would like to talk to me about please come talk to me. I am not coming into this position thinking I have everything figured out about worship, because like everyone, I’m still learning and growing.

I believe that corporate worship, especially worship through singing, should be held to a very high esteem in the life of the church. This is one of God’s commands, He says to “Sing to the Lord a new song” or “Sing to the Lord a joyful song”. I also believe that a worship service should have both hymns and contemporary songs in it. We are commanded to sing “Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual songs to one another.” The argument of Hymns V.S. Contemporary songs isn’t even an argument to me.

Once again, I’m so excited to be joining your church and learning all that I can from everyone. I’m very open to conversation and I’m happy to hear others thoughts and opinions on worship.

How to Treat Him

He is being introduced this week. He starts the following week. But it will take time and effort for him to feel like he is truly welcome at Buhler MB Church and a part of our church family.
So, I want to help him become a part of our church family with our help. To do that, let me suggest how we should treat Michael Beye as our new part-time Worship Ministries Leader.
First and foremost, begin to pray for him and his ministry with us. Every time you sing or hear a hymn or worship song, let that be a reminder for you to pray for Michael and thank God for him. Let him know often you are praying for him, and do it, even when you might disagree with his song selection or the way he leads us in worship. He is serving the Lord first, and then us, second.
Volunteer to help him help us to worship. If you have musical gifts and talents, let Michael know that you are willing to serve in worship ministry at our church through song or technical support. It could be using what God has given you once or twice a year or every week. Let him help you decide how you can contribute to our worship services and events.
Be patient with Michael’s efforts to get to know us and our preferences. It takes time so don’t expect him to be 100% on target in hitting our different preferred worship styles, solos, group songs, instrument selections, harmonies, sound volume, stage lighting…I know him enough to say with assurance that he will put 100% effort into leading our church family in worship.
Sing! Make a joyful noise if you have to, but sing. As the traditional hymn says, “All creatures of our God and King, Lift up you voice and let us sing, Alleluia, alleluia!”
Come to the worship service on time. Don’t be late. Worship leaders love to open the service with everyone there. It makes leading a congregation in worship a lot easier. And, if people straggle in late, the “flow” of the worship service is interrupted and it distracts from the ability of other worshippers to focus their hearts on Jesus.
When you worship, direct your attention to the Lord. After all, you are there for him. Don’t put your focus on the worship leader or those who happen to be up front. Their job is to help all of us see Jesus and worship him in spirit and truth.
Take Michael out to eat or invite him to your home for dinner to thank him and get to know him.
Always remember that giving your new Worship Ministries Leader ten “At-A-Boy’s” is much better that hammering one “Gotcha” into his spirit.
Try asking the Lord how you can best welcome and embrace Michael into your church family.
Remember, love conquers a multitude of sour notes.
Welcoming Michael Beye to our church family is also good practice for when we welcome the new Lead Pastor and his family to Buhler MB Church in a few months.
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Meet Michael

“Meet Michael”
Interim Pastor’s Blog
April 19, 2018
Last Sunday I gave an announcement that should encourage all of us in the Buhler MB family – Michael Beye will become our new part-time Worship Ministries Leader beginning the first week in May.
Here’s what Michael says in his resume about his life mission:
“God has called me to a life of service for His people and His kingdom. He has set a song in my heart, and now I respond to Him by singing glory to His name. I will follow Him where He sends me… I have a heart for people and for music, and I feel that God has called me into ministry. My ideal position is a pastoral role, leading God’s people in worship and giving others the tools to lead. I also have a passion for discipleship, whether that be in youth ministry or in a college aged group.”
Michael is from Inman and graduated from Tabor College in 2017. He has a Mennonite Brethren background and was very involved in student leadership, worship and music ministry at Tabor throughout his years at the school. While a student at Tabor, Michael was also a Resident Assistant and Campus Ministry Leader. He completed worship leadership internships at Mountain View Community Church (MB) in Fresno, California and also at Parkview MB Church in Hillsboro, Kansas.
Michael comes highly recommended by Tabor music faculty and also by the Interim Pastor at Parkview MB Church.
He is a gifted musician who plays many instruments and has led choral groups. Many of our church folk know his father, Eric, who is the Head Cook at Sunshine.
For those who don’t know, Michael is single and is currently working in two other jobs, both outside of the church context. He is currently living in Park City, Kansas.
Michael will be serving our church for 15 – 20 hours each week and will be leading our worship teams on most Sundays.
He has a vision of serving the Lord in full-time ministry as an associate Pastor at some point in the future as God opens the door for him. Who knows, maybe that could be at Buhler MB.
I look forward to working with Michael. He will be reporting to me and will work closely with the BMBC Worship Board.
You may view his Job Description in the Church Office.
Let’s give him a very warm welcome to Buhler MB and plenty of time to get to know his new church family and worship team members. If you are interested in using your musical or worship tech talents, please contact Michael after May 1st. Contact information will be available soon.

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Oh No – Not That Again

“Oh No – Not That Again”
Interim Pastor’s Blog
April 12, 2018
Déjà vu – the Cambridge Dictionary defines this French expression as “the strange feeling that in some way you have already experienced what is happening now.” The late, great baseball Hall of Famer, Yogi Berra, put it this way: “Its déjà vu all over again.”
From time to time, people in the church were given that déjà vu experience. In our church, I’m thinking of attempts to amend or revise our Constitution and By-laws. Much to the dismay of those who have worked hard to change and bring improvements in these important documents, these attempts have all too often landed on the “Table” of Robert’s Rules where proposed changes died a slow and agonizing death. The results included discouragement for the church and the bypassing of rules on how we govern and run our church.
Well folks, it’s that time again. During this time of transition in between pastors, we need to revise our church Constitution and By-laws. We need to put God’s house in order so that a new vision and pastoral leadership can help us in accomplishing our God-given mission. The difference is, this time we need to unite and succeed in developing a new way of doing church at BMBC.
A new Constitution Revision Team (CRT) has been appointed by our Church Council. Its members include Keith Pankratz, Daniel Friesen and Pam Pauls with coaching provided by your Interim Pastor.
Because our existing Constitution and By-laws were designed for our much larger church at the time and are very complex, lacking flexibility, a total revision is needed rather than attempts at amending a large number of items in these documents. In order to arrive at a good point of decision, we also need to do our very best at good communication throughout the church family about our new vision for a simple and flexible Constitution and By-laws before any congregational approval is sought.
In all things, we will work hard to follow the word of God, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, depend on the collective wisdom of the local body of Christ (BMBC), and maintain Mennonite Brethren values and distinctives.
Here's what you can do.
Pray for the Constitution Revision Team (CRT) and the process we will use. Ask lots of questions. Give your written suggestions to the CRT members. Come to and participate in Town Hall meetings, small group and Sunday School class discussions, and continue to look for opportunities that will be provided to discuss and contribute to these important documents. In this process, let’s value the opinions of our brothers and sisters in Christ at Buhler MB.
May God bless and guide us as we seek to love God, love others and make disciples of Jesus with and through these guiding documents of our church.
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Pastor’s Report to the Congregation

Pastor’s Report to the Congregation
 April 8, 2018
The Scriptures declare that God is able!
We are now a little over 3 months into the Transition process, and we are making progress. In fact, we are in stage 2 of 5 – Stage 2 is where the newly formed Transition Team assesses the current condition of the church and begins to plan and develop a way to improve and strengthen our church. The Transition Team and I will keep the church informed of progress. Your Transition Team will be meeting twice a month and will work closely with our Church Council while we keep open lines of communication with you.
Along with this work, I have begun a new 40 Days of Prayer Initiative – this season of focused prayer is a time of the whole church interceding for God’s future vision for us. All of you are invited to use the 40-day prayer plan for personal prayer, prayer during your small group meetings and in Sunday School classes. Let’s become a praying church that seeks God’s will and what he wants us to be and do now and in the future.
I am excited to announce that our Worship Board is in the process of seeking a Part-time Worship Ministries Leader. The Church Council and the Trustees have agreed with our Worship Board that there is an urgent need for such a position, but we need to discuss this need with the congregation tonight before a final decision is made by the Worship Board and the church Council. A candidate who is a recent Tabor graduate from Inman has been identified and we are currently interviewing and examining him for this needed position.
In a few days, we will begin to work on a new, simple but helpful Constitution and By-laws for our church. I will be coaching a Constitution Revision Team of 3 church members appointed by the Church Council that will work with the Council and the congregation. In my opinion, it will be difficult to find and call a new lead pastor unless there are significant changes in the governance and structures of this church. There will be much 2-way communication with you as church members as we seek to do what is best for our church.
Our next Town Hall meeting is scheduled for April 29, the last Sunday of this month. This meeting will be a time for you to talk with your church leaders and provide feedback and information on how things are going. The last Town Hall was about me sharing with you; this next one will be much more you sharing with the church leaders and one another in a spirit of truth and unity in Christ.
So, let’s keep praying. Keep seeking Jesus. Keep encouraging one another. And keep being the heart, mind, hands and feet of Jesus in Buhler and beyond.
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Oops, I Forgot!

“Oops, I Forgot!”
Interim Pastor’s Blog
March 28, 2018
We are so thankful for the people who help us to worship on Sunday mornings and at special gatherings of our church. So, on behalf of our Buhler MB Church family, I say a big THANK YOU, and thank you, Lord, for your gifts to our church.
Last Sunday, I had hoped to announce what is going on with worship ministry in our church. Because of my forgetfulness and the busy order of worship with several important announcements and Palm Sunday celebration, I left out one item of importance.
Our worship leaders need help. We have a limited number of people to lead our worship teams, and some are needing to step down for awhile. The reasons for this include growing families, family needs, increasing job responsibilities and fewer volunteers who are capable of leading worship at our church.  
Therefore, our Worship Committee, with my encouragement, has decided to look for someone from outside our church to be a Worship Leader as an Intern (if a college student) or a Part-time Worship Ministries Leader. Such a person would work with us under the supervision and mentorship of your Interim Pastor and then under the new Lead Pastor when he comes. Our current Worship Leader, Denise Heizelman, would also help with adjustments to our church, at least initially. Here are some additional things about this hiring of a new Worship Ministries Leader or Intern that you should know.
The idea of hiring a Worship Intern or Part-time Worship Ministries Leader has been approved by the Worship Committee, the Church Council and the Trustees. The Trustees are currently working out the details on church budget changes that may need to be made. There will also be the opportunity for church members to discuss this at our Congregational Meeting on April 8th.
The starting place for our search for someone to fill this need has been Tabor College. Faculty member David Martens has recommended two individuals to our church for consideration and the Worship Committee is in dialogue with them. Both have indicated an interest in serving the Lord at our church and have officially applied. A finalist will have the opportunity to lead worship with us before a hiring is completed. The other details have yet to be worked out but our Worship Committee is working on this.
Even though a new Worship Leader will have freedom to develop his or her own style, both applicants have been told that I desire a “blended” worship style for our church where each Sunday there would be one or two traditional hymns added to some contemporary worship songs if appropriate. For your information, the new Worship Leader will be given the general outline and big idea of my sermons ahead of time so that he or she can prayerfully design an inspiring worship experience for all including 80-year old saints as well as young seekers. I believe that the church worship service needs to be Christ-centered.
Applicants will also know that the church will expect of them approximately 10 hours a week for preparation and participation. A job Description and clear expectations will be developed before a candidate is hired.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. And, please be in prayer for this need.
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They’re Off and Running

“They’re Off and Running”
Blog by Interim Pastor Charlie Worley
The Buhler MB Church Transition Team is off and running. You will soon be hearing from them on a regular basis. So, let’s meet them: Dixie Wedel, Dal Hunt, Jana Moler, Judy Banz, Curtis Morgan, Willie Adkins and BJ Heizelman. I’ll be leading, training and coaching them.
The Transition Team held its first meeting on Wednesday, March 21st, and the start of a journey toward helping our church become healthier, simpler and more effective began in good fashion.
After a brief devotional on Matt. 16:18 and team prayer, the meeting began with a review of the team job description and covenant. Copies of both are available in the church Office. Then, we launched into an overview of the 5-stage transition process for our church: (1) Connecting with people; (2) Assessing church health; (3) Facilitating action; (4) Strategic planning; (5) Searching for our new pastor. Working with your Interim Pastor, it is the job of the Transition Team to help the church progress through this process.
We celebrated the fact that Stage 1 has been completed and the church is on schedule for a good transition process. God is working! But much prayer is needed. (Ps 127:1a - “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.”)
Developing a church-wide prayer strategy for our transition process is also on the agenda for the Transition Team. You can help the Transition Team with this by sharing with team members your thoughts, ideas and prayers for mobilizing our church for prayer for transition and the Transition Team.
Some important resources for the Transition Team were also discussed and assignments were given. The book, Simple Church, was handed out. Assigned reading will be discussed at our next meeting. This valuable resource covers how churches like ours can become revitalized and simpler by applying four basic principles to all that we do: clarity, movement, alignment and focus. Developing a simple mission, core values, vision and strategy with the help of the Holy Spirit is the key to applying these principles to the ministries of our church. This is important to returning our church and her ministries to God’s process for making disciples.
You can help the Transition Team and our church by your prayers and sharing your ideas with others, especially the members of the Transition Team.
The next scheduled meeting for the Transition Team is on April 4th from 6:30pm – 8:30 pm.
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