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“Your Pastor’s Heartbeat”

8 Reasons for Your Pastor to Take Good Vacations

By: Interim Pastor Charlie Worley

Marty and I just returned from a wonderful vacation to Maine. On this get-away from intense transitional ministry, I found rest, encouragement and spiritual renewal, so I thought I would share with you some reasons why you need …Read More

If Our Church is to Grow

By: Interim Pastor Charlie Worley

I’m always pondering the question, “What will it take for Buhler MB to grow?” I ask that question because our community of Buhler has many people who either do not yet know Jesus as their personal …Read More

Boasting in the Lord

By: Interim Pastor Charlie Worley

I was born and raised in Texas. Of the many traits of Texans both good and bad, one that most people know about is that true Texans love to boast – we call it “braggin’ …Read More